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New Covers For Limp Bizkit

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    Mr Not Sure

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Same people? Except Kelly is hot!




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Helmet - Unsung

B.G. & Cash Money - Bling Bling

Juvenile - Back That Ass Up

Beatles - Helter Skelter

Bad Brains - She's Calling You




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It would be awesome if after the second chorus of Nookie Limp Bizkit would cover "I Hate Everything About You".
That fits well with Fred and Wes's guitar playing




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1 Blind, Korn (back in the day the used to troll people with this song xd)


2 Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden (psychodelical guitars of Wes, gloomy, TOOL'ish voice of Fred[Like in Nobody Loves Me breakdown], some good frenzied stuff from Dj Skeletor, the Classic Bassline of Sam, and the drums of John Otto, will ABSOLUTELY KICK ASS)


3 Grind, Alice in Chains (Do you guys can imagine Wes and Fred harmonizing and singing together? that would be AMAZING!, i think they should be doing that, just to get rid of the monotonal style, and explore new frontiers on their music. And using some Sludgy, doomy sound and voice as well)


4 Do The Evolution, Pearl Jam (Imagine Fred Screaming again like in the 3$BY era, but this time like a freaking beast)


5 Climbing Up the Wall, Radiohead (Psycho, relaxing, experimental and strong enviroment in a song of LB, Fred doing haunting voice and screaming at the end of the song)


6 Orestes, A Perfect Circle (A song with a lot of feelings, Fred singing it like Walking Away, with peacefull voice but then some screaming, starring with Wes haunting TOOL'ish guitar mode, some good bass from Sam, and some beats from JO like in 90.2.10)


7 Iowa, Slipknot (Nothing to say here, let the imagination do your job ^^)


8 Hung on a Hook, Alice in Chains (Some haunting voice from Fred, a gloomy, ambient and sludgy guitar from Wes, a slow bass from Sam, and a strong, but slow, beat from JO)


9 Carefull with that Axe Eugene, Pink Floyd (Let the imagination do the work for you)


10 River of Deceit, Mad Season (Very peacefull and meaningfull song, so much feelings in there)


11 Song 2, Blur (It would be cool xd)


12 Feel Good Inc.  Gorillaz (Some good Hip hop stuff, an incredible bassline from Sam, the sticky beats of JO, classic Wes's guitar and Fred doing it with some rap'ish style like in Indigo Flow)


13 Any song from Deftones


14 Mein Teil, Rammstein (TOOL'ish voice from Fred, Heavy guitar from Wes, a dark and haunting bassline from Sam, and very strong beats from JO, also, some experimental stuff from DJ Skeletor)


15 Paranoid Android, Radiohead (Come on, this cover is starring Dj Skeletor's abilities, very rare song for LB, i know, but they should do some experimental stuff with their own style, adding some screaming maybe?)


Nothing more, at the moment :D

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