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#1009928 Limp Bizkit Are A Joke

Posted by darthxsidious on 03 November 2010 - 08:22 AM

Whoa, hey, before you click that quick reply, take a minute to read what I'm about to post about.

Fred, Sam, Wes, Lee, John... what the fuck happened to you guys? Where's the fire you had when you were starting out as a local band here in Jacksonville? You guys were like the Motley Crue of the 90's scene, opened up so many doors for bands who came after you, caused mayhem and havoc on the road, made it all the way to the top, then seemingly just.. fell apart.

Now, you're back together with Wes, get together and tour overseas like America doesn't even exist, which, bravo for doing that, because I'll tell you, if it weren't for those fans overseas, and this website, The Armpit, you motherfuckers wouldn't have a chance in hell with a comeback.

And yeah.. about that. Gold Cobra 2021? What in the fuck is that shit? You mocking your fans? Rock is shit? Fred hurts his neck? Oh wait, yeah, that's right, you'll stay quiet as you usually do. And what the fuck is Pawn Shop Chronicles? Fred, have you bitched out again and decided to direct a D movie? Man what about your fans, dude? You've let these brilliant fans rest uneasy for far too damn long.

Your label is a piece of shit too, yeah, David Geffen, I'm calling you out too. There's no balls in that company anymore either. You've got a record that the fans want and you're holding Limp Bizkit back. You have no idea how much these Guys and Gals want to fucking explode with the anticipation of this record being released. But when will it be released? "OH LOL GUYS, JK, WE'LL USE 2021 FOR NOW SINCE IT WON'T BE RELEASED IN 2010 :D"

Limp Bizkit, I only hope that when you DO release this record, people actually go out and buy it, because at this point, the moment it leaks, that shit will be all over the fucking internet faster than the black plague, and then we'll see what Significant Unquestionable Starfish 2.7 sounds like.


Alex, Marcelo, The Armpit, everyone, I love you all. I needed to post this on behalf of every single one of you. If I get hate for it, especially for not adding already to a thread made elsewhere, ah well, no biggie to me, but I hope the douchebags in Limp read it.
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#993673 Gold Cobra Album Discussion

Posted by nylimpfan on 31 July 2010 - 04:41 PM

Ok, so I was at the show in CT last night and it was just fucking epic. I need to do a full post to give the blow by blow experience, but since I only have a little time now I wanted to drop by in the GC thread. This is because, thanks to Max [you fucking rule buddy :)], I was able to get backstage, along with some of the LBGC kids. I'm just gonna quickly tell you guys everything Gold Cobra related:

-While sitting in the dressing room, a few GC tracks were played through all the way on Fred's computer. Now, it was through laptop speakers and there was a lot of talking going on, but we could definitely hear stuff and get a sense.

-Backporch. This was the one I had the most trouble hearing, but pretty much it's a laid back groove/party song. No distorted guitars that I could hear, a clean ambient thing with Fred doing his laid back rapping style on it. He already posted some of the lyrics are twitter, so you know what you're getting there.
-LBGC (Venomous)- This song had to be LBCG because of the lyrics about tanks and snipers and whatnot- pretty much what we thought it would be. The riffs in this song were big and heavy, some of the lyrics were pretty funny (something about ripping your balls off).
-Walking Away- EPIC. The song just builds and builds. Long intro, then it goes to an open and ambient kind of verse. Straight forward and melodic, but the song erupts when it gets to the solo/screaming part. We pretty much have heard the best part of it, but the screams sounded even better in this version, plus they were mixed right. Amazing song, the band was talking a LOT about playing it live last night, but in the end it got scrapped probably due to time constraints.
-Loser- This was another one with some really nice melodic singing from Fred, but the chorus explodes with GIGANTIC riffs and just fucking kills. The bridge of this song had some really cool lead stuff from Wes, it reminded me of Muse a bit.
-From there they were skipping around like crazy. We heard some of 90to10, maybe like 10 seconds more than the sample, but still didn't hear the chorus. Jordan Schur was telling Fred that it's really powerful, and I have to agree. The groove is magnetic. Then we heard maybe the first 10 seconds of two really heavy songs, one of them might've been that crazy 2 second riff from the old Rabbit video. They just sounded sick, was so mad they cut them off, lol.
-Chatted with Fred a bit on the issue of single. He was saying the label was pushing for something hip hoppy, but he really wants Walking Away. We were telling him it sounds so sick, saying it would be such a cool choice. Fred then, goes back, brings out his iPhone with those huge Dr. Dre headphones and hands them to me. Got to hear Walking Away again, the proper way. Damn it's good.

I have more stuff to report from the after the show, but I really gotta run now! This is everything related to hearing new material for now. There will be a long post coming with everything.

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#960854 News & Updates

Posted by Reprise on 17 March 2010 - 10:55 AM

The fans can be douchebags, that is true, we can be quite demanding, but it's only out of our passion and love for this band. Fred is always saying this is family, well it's the same in a family.

Here's a little tip for you Fred:

If you promise an album (TUT2), spend 2 or 3 years promising this album is coming, but it never comes out with no apology from yourself, no explanation for its non-existance, and not even any aknowledgement that you ever claimed to be releasing said album, then YES, the fans get pissed off.

If you claim an album is in the can and was finished at the same time as its predecessor (TUT2), but it later transpires you never even did the vocals, then YES once again fans do kind of get pissed off.

If you tell the fans you hope to bring out a single in January, and it gets towards the end of March with no sign of it, despite constantly being told "it's coming soon", then yeah once again fans get a little bit annoyed. Seeing as there's been no explanation, no apology, no aknowledgement. You don't owe us this Fred? Well you may be the leader of a popular band, but that doesn't mean politeness, morals and good manners go out the window.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you Fred, and don't take our demands to be "demands". We as fans have never "demanded" anything other than a bit of respect and honesty. And for the record, I only picked out 3 examples. There are MILLIONS. As an avid fan of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of bands, I can say you are one of the only bands who treat the fans like this and drag them through so many broken promises.

That doesn't mean we don't appreciate what you do Fred, but we are entitled to be frustrated when we've been lied to so many times.
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#1232911 Behind The Scenes And The Future Of The Site

Posted by mzupeman on 05 March 2015 - 04:14 PM

There’s been a lot of stuff going on behind-the-scenes, and because people are going to notice something as a result of these going-ons, I thought it was time to bring everyone into the loop. 


Marcelo no longer has any interest in being a webmaster on the site.  He didn’t want to come forward and actually tell anyone, but I vehemently disagree with that, so here I am.


It’s important to identify what TheArmpit is at this stage.  The website has always been pro LB.  The main page has been loaded with nothing but praise.  The forums, on the other hand, while beginning as a very strong LB fan forum, has since morphed into a community all its own.  This is partially because there’s a small core of people who have been here for so very long.  But I think that’s the important word, here:  Community.  That’s what this is, because it transcended LB fandom a LONG time ago. 


I’d argue that a lot of the people here no longer like LB… Sure, they may check out the music and may even love it as new songs/albums are released, but for the most part, that ‘fan hysteria’ has dissipated into practically nothing.  Some have simply just ‘grown out’ of it, or that style isn’t their preference anymore.  Personally, I think it’s more a reflection on the band’s career.  I mean, here’s the short and thick of what we’ve all been through:


Success.  Lost a guitarist.  Guitarist search.  No guitarist found on said search.  New guitarist found.  New album released.  Lost a guitarist.  Original guitarist came back.  Hyped a new album.  An EP was released.  Lost original guitarist again.  Original guitarist eventually comes back.  New album recorded.  New album released.  Label lost.  DJ lost.  New label.  Nothing comes of it.  Label lost.  ???.


And, you can pepper ‘delays’ in there a lot, too. 


After a while, people just lost interest.  This band hasn’t really been ‘with it’ since 2001, so people vent and joke about things.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s mean… whatever.  We can’t control what people say or think.  We’re not the fan police, nor do we want to be. 


At one point, we actually had the opportunity to become the ‘limpbizkit.com’ official forum… But it came with a host of conditions that, basically, anything negative would have to be moderated.  And by ‘negative’, that doesn’t REALLY mean NEGATIVE, just anything that wasn’t pro-LB.  No ‘bullying’ would have been allowed either (but the definition of bullying would have been too broad to anyone’s liking).  You wouldn’t have been able to joke with one another like you do now.  I’m pretty sure you guys would agree that if we went down that road, this community wouldn’t be intact.  It would have been another failed project… just like the official LB.com forums or that horrendous LBGC community.


So, yeah.  We support everyone being open, honest, and even poking fun at one another.  It’s all in fun, and I think we’ve gone WELL past the point of anyone taking anything personally.  You obviously can’t go on a racist rant or anything that’s over the top hateful… but I think you guys understand that all the fun here is well within reason. 


Anyway, this approach to the forum has, needless to say, been the cause of us having a very turbulent relationship with Fred Durst.  It hasn’t been the ONLY cause, however, and that’s important to keep in mind. 


Now, Fred always thought we were a ‘negative’ place.  What does that mean?  Well, it means not saying anything that isn’t 100% positive about the band.  I get that it’s crappy to see people cracking jokes on your fan site, but so little happens in the LB camp, that we can’t be to blame.  People get promised things, they get let down… so they’re frustrated.  It’s also worth noting we aren’t the only website that complains.  The other LB fan forums crack jokes at the band’s expense, but because we’re #1, we take the heat, and that’s simply not fair. 


Anyway, on to the turbulence itself...




Ironically enough, Fred was hostile towards us first… not that it’s a ‘who started’ it thing, but it’s an interesting observation. We were lucky enough in 2004 to score an interview with Fred.  It was e-mail only, but it was awesome because Fred was not speaking to ANY press at the time. Well, he had conditions. 


He was VERY rude.  “You better post the whole thing up as-is and not make any cuts, because if you do that, then I’ll expose you and post the real interview myself blah blah blah.”  It was nonsense.  He was basically making us feel threatened for no reason.  But, I sent the questions, he answered them, and up on the site they went.  Complete as requested.  With one of his answers being something like, “Well, that’s a stupid question.”  It was an insulting experience.




Years later, Max (Possessed Rabbit) and I played Halo 3 with Fred quite a bit via Xbox Live.  We learned during these games that he was staying away from The Armpit because he had a bad experience with ‘us’.  He had been in contact with Marcelo… something nobody on the team knew about, mind you, so I guess Marcelo kept it as his little secret.  Unfortunately, Marcelo came on really strong and pushed Fred out of the picture.  So, a relationship was forged and lost with LB’s front man… and we, behind-the-scenes, only learned of this through Fred way after the fact.


Things were dicey with The Armpit and Fred on two other occasions because of Marcelo:


1. One time, he leaked an early limpbizkit.com design that wasn’t ready for public consumption.

2. Another time Fred got upset with Marcelo because he was distributing ‘leaked’ tracks (I think it was the stuff he would put up on Myspace for like a day and remove as a treat, and he didn’t like Marc passing copies of them around). 


Anyway, back to what I was saying, Fred was really cool to Max and I.  He offered to have us over to his house in LA so we could witness vocal recording for Gold Cobra.  He also sponsored a professional gaming team of Max’s.  It was very generous of him.


Later on, my Xbox Live membership lapsed and I didn’t renew, so I lost contact with Fred.  Max, however, did eventually get to live out the dream of going to Fred’s house.  He also had some site coding skills, so Max went to work for Fred, both on and off the road.


Then Fred started taking issue with the site’s negativity, and this first impacted Max. 


Max (Possessed-Rabbit): 


Max saw a career opportunity with Fred:  He could tour with them and get paid for it, and could put his work on limpbizkit.com in his portfolio.  So, he decided to leave the site since Fred didn’t care for it… which was fine.  What was not fine, however, was throwing us under the bus in a forum thread he created, to say ‘this place is bad and I’m leaving’.  This, I imagine, was ‘a show’ to show Fred his loyalty.  I’m glad Max launched a pretty successful career in the long run, but this wasn’t cool.  The guy was literally making jokes about Fred’s dork size one month, and telling us how bad we were the next. 


Sometime after that, Fred decided to publicly shame our site.  Again, we were ‘too negative’.  Marcelo and I tried to get on Fred’s good side, but there was some very unfortunate collateral damage.  To make a long story short, and for lack of better words, we threw Alex under the bus.  We felt we were doing what was best for the site, because if we weren’t ‘endorsed’ by the band’s front man, what was the point… right?  Wrong.  It was wrong because this place really wasn’t all that negative.  Even back then, we were just a solid little community.  Nothing needed to change, and unfortunately Alex became the scapegoat.  Nothing more I can do at this stage than say Alex and I, despite some differences in the past, have moved past this.  I lived and I learned, and while Alex and I may still butt heads, we’re cool.


We eventually made up with Fred.  Hell, even Alex was in touch with him for a while.  They were cool, and surprise surprise, then they weren’t.  You say anything that isn’t ‘wow, I loved that, Fred’, and Fred just sort of disappears for a while, apparently.  That’s how Fred always was as far as I understand… with Marcelo and Max, too.


Point is, there’s a pattern of Fred sort of coming into the picture and shaking things up in a bad way. 


Back to 2015:


So, here’s the deal recently.


Marcelo asked Fred about doing an interview with us.  It would be Fred’s chance to answer all the unanswered questions we have.  But at this time, Fred stated concerns about the negativity here.  He said The Armpit should be a place of joy and celebration, and if it were, he’d love to be a part of it. 


Keep that in mind.


Anyway, Marcelo basically told Fred that we can’t control what people think or say.  He said that people get excited about things they’ve been promised, and when it doesn’t happen they get upset, and it’s not our fault.


Immediately after, Marc asked if I’d do the interview.  It would be streamed live via Google Hangouts.  Immediately, I brought up the bad experience we had in 2004… that Fred more or less treats our site like crap so… I was hesitant. 


Eventually, I agreed.  I knew I would do a great job.  More than that, I didn’t want someone else to take the reins and make it more ‘fan-fest’ than ‘interview’.  But I did have some conditions:


All hyperbole had to be checked at the door.  For example, Marcelo wanted me to ask about how good Cash Money was for Limp Bizkit… and I had to stop him right there.  It was unnecessary praise and hype, and unprofessional.  Also, since things didn’t work out with Cash Money, it would have been inaccurate. 


Next, I wanted to ditch the 1-on-1 interview, but instead have a 2-on-1.  It would have been more ‘conversational’ than ‘press-row’.  I was envisioning a podcast style ‘inside the actors studio’ thing. 


An Armpitter – myself or Marcelo, for example – had to be the one to do the ‘invites’ for the Google Hangout.  I wasn’t going to do an hour of questioning, only to have Fred decide he didn’t want to release it later on. 


I suggested Fred could sit down with me for a virtual face-to-face beforehand, to feel me out.  If he wanted to walk away after that with no hard feelings, he could.


Fred didn’t get back to Marcelo for a few days.  Marcelo thought Fred was ignoring him based on his ‘insubordination’ (“it’s not our fault”), so he got upset.  Marcelo was saying he wanted this interview because he wanted this website to still be #1 because it’s his hobby, but because he was tired of being treated so poorly by his idol, he was thinking of shutting the site down. 


To be clear, Marcelo spoke of shutting the site down for a while, but mainly because the front page is dead.  There’s no news to report anymore. 


But in THIS particular instance, Marcelo wanted to shut things down because he was upset with Fred.


Eventually, Fred DID get in touch with Marcelo… and everything changed.


Marcelo now said he wanted to shut down The Armpit because it was too negative.  Most of all, that Alex was too negative.  This is why the other day, TheArmpit banner temporarily disappeared from the top of the forum… Marcelo was already in the process of wiping the site name away.  This was the first time that Marcelo also spoke of creating a NEW LB website, with other fan forum folk on the web, such as Bam and Kako. 


This is a stark contrast from ‘let’s keep this site #1 because it’s my hobby’, and ‘the negativity isn’t our fault’.  Marcelo did a COMPLETE 180… and it was coincidentally RIGHT after speaking with Fred.


My opinion?


Marcelo freaked out because Fred isn’t happy with The Armpit, so he’s taking all measures to disassociate himself from it.  It’s like the Max situation all over again.  Marcelo at least isn’t doing a ‘public shaming’, but he’s definitely throwing us under the bus to stay in Fred’s good graces. 


Alex and Marcelo:


As far as Marcelo using Alex as a scapegoat… I butt heads with Alex a lot, but I’ve got to give him credit.  He’s changed A LOT over the years.  When it comes to the band, I’m probably more negative than he is.  He still speaks openly and honestly… but I don’t think he’s ever unfair.  If he jokes about something, it’s obvious, and if it isn’t, he clarifies he’s joking.  Also, there’s been NUMEROUS times I’ve seen him put out fires in the LB sub-forum… sometimes people go over the top with their fan theories, and Alex will bring them back down to reality. 


It’s also worth noting that a long time ago, Marcelo and Col were fighting and were going to let this community disappear, since neither of them wanted to pay for the hosting.  Well, Alex saved the day by paying for it, and he spent a lot of time and effort with the forum/site, up to and including being the only one to update the front page for a long time.  Even as a non-fan, Alex remained committed to this community.  Hell, even with Marcelo saying he’s out, he’s STILL committed to keeping this community just the way it is. 


As far as I know, with Marcelo out of the picture, this place will remain as it is today.  You can still talk about Limp Bizkit.  You can still speak freely.  This place isn’t going anywhere.  The only thing that will change, quite literally, is Marcelo.


I don’t want this to turn into an ‘Alex or Marcelo’ thing with the community, but things are what they are.  I just wanted to let you all know what it’s been like dealing with things behind-the-scenes over the years, especially now that Marcelo has made a drastic decision that you would all undoubtedly notice.  I feel he’s being unfair and unreasonable, yes… but because the band is dying anyway, why quit the #1 fan site now?




Sorry for the length of this post… I know it’s ‘epic’ even for Zupe-post standards, but I wanted everything to be CRYSTAL clear. 


Both Alex and I have tried to convince Marcelo to stay… that leaving this site to start another one just doesn’t make sense (unless you’re angling to stay in Fred’s good graces).  I can’t blame Marcelo for wanting to pursue a relationship, if not a career, with Fred… but I think the way he’s gone about this has been terrible.  That’s really the core issue we have.  Still, we’ve done our best to convince him to just leave things be.  It’s a dying site for a dying band, so there’s no sense in taking such drastic measures. 


I don’t know about Alex, but I’ve received very mixed responses from Marcelo.  At first he says it has nothing to do with Fred, then he says he know he freaked out, and then he tries to pin everything on Alex again.  I don’t even know what to make of it.  I still think my initial assessment is the real root of the problem here – Fred.  I mean, there’s coincidences, and then there’s the obvious.  I was born at night, but I wasn’t born LAST night… Marcelo was saying ‘carry on, all is well, and it’s not our fault and Fred has to understand that’ one day, and after talking with Fred, everything changed. 


That’s no coincidence. 


Feel free to discuss, ask  questions, or whatever.  But I think, suffice to say, the common denominator here with all the issues we’ve had behind-the-scenes over the years, has been Fred.  Any time he’s ignoring us… things are fine. 


Food for thought.

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#1025189 News & Updates

Posted by Broseph on 10 March 2011 - 03:38 PM

I actually ran into that DJ Lethal vs Mr Hahn video on YouTube a while back, funny it's actually started something now. The same guy I think did the same for Wes vs Brad Delson and Fred vs Chester. I'm guessing it wasn't the video itself that got to him but the comments, which were dominated by typical LP fanboys. And although at first it did come off as if Lee was just looking for a fight, I can't blame him for lashing out like he did. Hahn is not that great. I find it ironic Linkin Park talked about "have a DJ in your band just for credibility" (in the song Step Up, where they proclaim themselves to be the shit) when they've only got one because Limp Bizkit did and that was what was the cool thing to do at the time. Notice how they've now strayed from their roots to try and dissociate themselves from their past and redeem themselves as respectable artists by acting all "mature" and "serious". Limp Bizkit, whether you like them or not, are real and staying true to themselves. This is part of the reason why I don't support Linkin Park. They're a bunch of Counterfeits if ever I saw one.

I even heard once that they changed their name from Hybrid Theory to Linkin Park just so their records would be beside Limp Bizkit's on the shelves and that would not surprise me at all if its true.
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#1250578 News & Updates

Posted by Sam Rivers on 26 October 2015 - 05:57 PM

The Real Sam Rivers here... I want to start out by saying that I am still in the band. I haven't quit or left or any such thing. I'm dealing with having Degenerative Disc Disease in one of the discs in my spine as well as it being complicated by a pinched nerve. Basically this just means that one of my discs is deteriorating and my vertabre on both sides of this particular disc are collapsing on each other and a nerve causing extreme amounts of pain. This makes it so I currently am not able to perform with LB. (shit, I can't even drive!). I'm working hard everyday to do what ever is necessary to get through this as quickly as possible to join my family back on stage again! This does require surgery but believe me, after this recovery, I'm coming back with a vengeance! None of us realized how quickly my back was deteriorating and believe me, it came out of no where. Nonetheless, they were able to quickly find a great bass player and have the shows go on! They are still going to go out there and kill it and perform amazingly! We do truly love our fans! I WILL BE BACK! Thanks for the concern and support!

-Sam I Am
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#1022588 Gold Cobra Album Discussion

Posted by nylimpfan on 22 February 2011 - 02:07 AM

I do get Meatface's sentiment, but at the same time the feeling of holding Gold Cobra in my hands and being able to flip through the liner notes and, finally place it next to the rest of the LB CDs in my collection is too important to me.
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#981103 Photos

Posted by Morto on 30 May 2010 - 07:44 PM

Posted Image
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#973978 The Dark Knight Rises

Posted by nylimpfan on 07 May 2010 - 12:05 PM

Well I'm sure it will take cues from certain comics, but I'm pretty sure Alex is referring to people wanting an adaptation of specific comic or graphic novel. The Nolan team is far too original and specific about their own vision for that to ever happen. They pool influences from tons of comics and incorporate all the various elements into something new and fresh, which is how it should be done anyway. Show me the comic book where Joker plants a bomb in the stomach of one of his own men to escape prison, does a magic trick with a pencil or conducts a "ferry experiment". Yet all of it is pretty dead on for the character. It's Nolan's job to add to the mythology, not simply replicate what's been done IMO.
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#1235764 News & Updates

Posted by Sonny on 26 March 2015 - 05:18 PM

Epic quote.


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#1232591 News & Updates

Posted by Sonny on 02 March 2015 - 07:40 PM

Better than expected  :rolleyes: 


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#1232434 News & Updates

Posted by Sonny on 01 March 2015 - 12:42 PM

Coming soon.


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#1024697 News & Updates

Posted by Mental Aquaducts on 08 March 2011 - 04:13 PM

LP will have to wait and see what LB does, then copy it, water it down, then try to deny they copied it in the first place.
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#1016344 Is Gold Cobra Almost Here?

Posted by Cahill on 24 December 2010 - 08:07 PM

At this point in time, there is a better chance Gold Cobra is released via Wikileaks than by the band/label.
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#994426 Epic Lb Experience

Posted by nylimpfan on 03 August 2010 - 10:12 PM

Well, as promised, here it is.

Friday was the day after my birthday, and I was more than pumped to see LB for the second time this year. For one, the Oakdale in Wallingford is a terrific small venue with great acoustics. I know this not because I'm from Connecticut, but because I went to college 15 minutes away from this venue and naturally saw some shows there. I was also pumped for this show because I was bringing along a friend who's LB fandom has skyrocketed over the past couple of years, so much so that he made an account here. You guys might known him as Mental Aquaducts. After the initial tour cancellation, it really seemed like our hopes of seeing LB this summer were destroyed. And even once we had our tickets for this show, we both tried to keep in mind that just because it's scheduled doesn't mean it's a sure thing, lol. But as the date drew near, I began to prepare for an epic night. I just had no idea how epic it would be.

This is where I give a big shout out to Max, the man who made it all happen. Unexpectedly, he reached out and told me he might be able to get me backstage. I was shocked, but had to ask for my friend too. No problem, he said. Wow. Not something I had been planning on, and now I was almost a little nervous. Fast forward to 6:00, about four hours before LB took the stage. There's a slight hick up with us being on the guest list and David Patton, the band's General Manager, comes out to straighten it out. Hands us our All Access passes. It started feeling so surreal at this point, like a scene straight out of Wayne's World. We head back there and wait for a while. Chat a bit with some of the LBGC guys (nice meeting you if you're reading!). Then got to meet Max! Was super cool and a great host for the evening. While waiting outside the dressing room, we were hearing whispers that LB was planning on playing Walking Away tonight. Some of the LBGC kids who had been there longer even said they go to see the band rehearsing/strumming along to it earlier. Was jealous of that! But soon that was forgotten as Wes came out of the dressing room and we all got his autograph. Was a very good thing my friend brought his Sharpie- it came in handy for everyone that night.

Not long after, Max invited us to come hang in the dressing room. As we entered and shook Fred's hand, this is when the surreal feeling started to really come over me. The band was in the middle of trying to work out their set list. They were talking about opening with the Pollution intro/Pollution! Fred seemed concerned that the crowd wasn't there for them (and really, 90% of them were wearing Avenged Sevenfold shirts, so I understand). They were trying to plan a Pollution/Counterfeit back to back medley, John and Fred started rapping the verses to Pollution right there in the dressing room :). They talked about how this would cut into their usual set, and Fred had no problem dropping Rollin'.

We stayed in their dressing room for all of Hail the Villain's set, and most of All That Remains'. I have no regrets about that, because even though at this point we were just kinda sitting on the couches while the band was getting ready, it was still awesome. This is when the Gold Cobra tracks started playing. I already made a detailed post about the tracks in the Gold Cobra thread, so check it out if you haven't. Jordan Schur was hanging around back there too, and told Fred that he thought 90to10 was really powerful after it played.

Mental and I got some face time in with Fred for a good 10-15 minutes before we left to see Avenged. You could tell Fred was still a little nervous about the show, but was still being super gracious. We were talking about the whole single thing, and he was saying how he really wants to put out Walking Away. Having just heard it in the dressing room, we concurred that it would be a fucking awesome choice. He said he wanted to "fuck people up a bit", screw with their expectations. He seemed pretty dejected that the label was hoping for something more hip-hoppy. But then he really blew our minds with this one: he said, "Hang on a minute". Went back to the dressing room, came back out 2 minutes later with his iPhone and massive Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Hands them over to me. Unlocks his iPod, searches around, hits "play". Walking Away begins to dominate my ears. Definitely NOT how I imagined my night going! I mean what can I say, the song was awesome, the fact that he did that was probably even more awesome. I made sure to pass the headphones to Mental- lucky SOB got to hear the second (and more epic half) of the song! At the time I was probably in too much of a daze to fully appreciate the fact that I was hearing the song...now I have echoes of it in my head and I CANNOT wait to hear it again!

The show itself was top notch. I even enjoyed Avenged's set more than I thought I would. LB tore it up and had the whole place going CRAZY. The highlights had to be Pollution/Counterfeit, Wes throwing his guitar and Fred bringing up Will from the LBGC during Take a Look Around. Also, Max was on stage filming the band yhe whole time, dressed as a Ninja. LOVED that. Oh, and for Faith they invited a shitload of women up on stage, not sure if this has been posted on youtube. Was pretty wild to see.

So after getting covered in gold confetti, we headed backstage again. Waited about an hour for the band to wash up and get ready. I just wanted to thank Max and the band one more time for everything. When the band was getting ready to head out, we were about to go out the main exit and leave, but Fred and Max told us to get in the elevator they were getting into, which took us all out to the back area where the tour bus was. There, the band was greeted by a some more fans who had been waiting. They were unbelievably generous with their time and stood out to chat with everyone for over an hour. Max introduced me to Wes and I nearly shat myself. We had Wes' attention for a good 15 minutes, talking about everything from his Yamaha guitars ("I can't afford them either!"- Wes), to what gauge strings he uses, to Gold Cobra/single stuff. Wes said they are just wanting to make sure the album is as good as possible. We talked about Walking Away and he said they came SO close to playing it, but when Fred asked the crowd if they wanted to hear something new or old, someone shouted "Counterfeit!" so they obliged.

I got a few words in with David Patton again, thanking him for everything. Super nice guy. Max was still filming everything and I joked that we could end up in "Poop". David then told me he recently saw a cut and that it was really good.

Then we spent pretty much the rest of the time talking to Mr. Samuel Rivers, who is ONE CHILL MOTHERFUCKER, as if you didn't know. God, we talked about so much. I mentioned that band Indorphine to him, the one he was producing a few years back. We both agreed that it's a shame they've disbanded because they could've been the new, funkier System. Since it was such a lengthy conversation I'll just bullet point it-

-The Truth video was done in one take. He flew out to do it, performed it, and went home.
-The One is a favorite of his, was a "total accident" he said. He also loves the Scott Weiland collab tracks.
-They've rehearsed Trust?
-Gold Cobra is more of a "journey" compared to previous albums
-Interestingly, he said the label really doesn't have much power when it comes to picking a single. In the end, they'll present what they want.
-The main difference is that they're all just having so much fun with hit now. This is really apparent being with them too. He said he never used to smile during shows and told us how he tried to tap Wes' sack during the show, lol.
-He said Drown was a guitar part he'd written when he was 16, and it combined with a separate song that Fred wrote on his own.
-Promised they'd be back and that they still have some life in them.

And with that, it was time to leave. Thanked Fred one more time, and told him I was a fan of his movies too which he really appreciated. Mental then made a quip about Population 436 and without missing a beat, Fred shook his hand sternly and introduced himself as Deputy Bobby Caine. LOL. What can I say? Not to overuse a word here, but EPIC experience. Yes there are some pictures but none were taken off of my camera, since I don't have one currently. They will surface eventually. Just a huge thanks to Max, David and Limp Bizkit for an unforgettable night.
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#1240142 News & Updates

Posted by nylimpfan on 15 May 2015 - 04:34 PM

You like Limp Bizkit? 


Their early work was a little too...hardcore/punk influenced for my tastes.  But when Significant Other came out in '99, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.  The whole album has a clear, crisp sound, and a new sheen of consummate professionalism that really gives the songs...a big boost.


At the time of release, the band lost a large portion of their audience with this record, with many feeling that they'd become an entirely different band altogether, one designed to cater to the TRL crowd, rather than the burgeoning nu-metal scene that they had helped build up in the late 90s.  While the commercialization of their sound was undoubtedly intentional and probably even inevitable given Durst's aspirations for fame, in my opinion the band itself retained far more of their sound on their sophmore album than many have given them credit for.


There are some striking differences to be sure, like Terry Date's more polished production, slower tempos and a more melodic vocal approach.  However I believe there are some pretty clear commonalities between the albums in style if one looks past the more commercial trappings.  Wes Borland brings back a lot of his signature techniques, such as ambient playing and tapping, with his overall riffing tendencies carrying over.  The same can be said for DJ Lethal's seamless melding into the sound that complimented Borland's guitars, and the unmistakable groove of John Otto.  Perhaps the most noteworthy carryover between the albums, is the overall song dynamics and explosive breakdown sections.  Lyrically, Durst continued to vent about failed relationships, while reflections on his newfound fame gave the album more scope and maturity than the previous album.


Even so, I still think "Nookie" is their undisputed masterpiece.  A song so catchy, people probably don't listen to the lyrics...but they should!  Because it's not a chauvinistic anthem about the pleasures of the female anatomy, it's a self-mocking admission of inadequacy and weakness, and might be construed as a personal statement about Durst himself.  Hey Paul...





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#1237929 News & Updates

Posted by Sonny on 17 April 2015 - 03:24 PM



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#1022055 Age And Limp Bizkit

Posted by Jelger on 17 February 2011 - 04:25 PM

I divided the votes up into four age-groups: 15-18, 19-22, 23-26, 27+.

The results:

Group 15-18
Posted Image

Very little love from the young ones for TUT. Only as third favourite it got voted. SO is an obvious favourite, all though CS performs quite well on the whole.

Group 19-22
Posted Image

The spread is a little more even in this group. That is, there is not winner with 2/3rd's of the votes this time. CS is the obvious winner, but on the whole 3DB is the most consistant.

Group 23-26
Posted Image

Lot's of love for 3DB and SO here, all though it might not be as the absolute favourite in 3DB's case. But 83% of the voters voted for 3DB or SO somewhere in their top-3.

Group 27+
Posted Image

Only one vote for TUT/RMV/CS each here as absolute favourite. Very little love for RMV, which only got voted twice (once first, once third).
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#1021990 News & Updates

Posted by Requiem on 17 February 2011 - 12:29 AM

Sounds like big news to me. Something huge is happening, the delay since last year, collabs with many artists, just heating it up, movies, promotion, LB is going to be the new trend again. At least they must hope for it, if not they wouldn't be doing so many shit. It's not an half assed comeback for sure.

Yep, that's definitely it. After Gabe's infinitely credible comments over the past, this is ABSOLUTELY the huge news he's talking about. In no way is his tweet a load of bullshit like, you know, everything else he's ever written about Limp Bizkit (sorry - DA LIMP REVIVAL REVOLUTION). Limp Bizkit is going to be the hot shit, puttin' bounce in the moshpit in every arena around the world, and it'll all be thanks to Gabe and this huge news.

You nailed it for sure man. Fo' sho'.
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#1019330 News & Updates

Posted by Reprise on 25 January 2011 - 08:16 PM

You can mix an album in the studio you know...
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