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Welcome to theArmpit.net // forum
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The Rules of TAP

We don't have many rules, most of them are just against excessive stupidity. Use your best judgment and common sense and you will not have problems. This forum is not strict at all, but we have to list some rules in order to have a reason to ban your ass.

- Newbies...

You just signed up? Welcome! However, because of all the spambots you can't send PMs or start topics or do other stuff until you reach a post count of 10. This is for your own good as we've seen a lot of spamming going around, so just read around and post and after 10 posts you will be automatically promoted to the "Members" group and will have the same benefits as anyone else.

- No Racism Tolerated

This is our only actual severe rule. No racism will be allowed whatsoever. That means no n-word or any similar word about a certain ethnic group in any context whatsoever. There will be no debates on whether it was just a joke or anything of the sort. There is zero tolerance on this and it will get you banned without a warning. You may notice that some of us joke with each other about our countries. That is not considered racism as long as it's all in good fun and usually between good friends.

- No Spam

Spamming will get you banned, period. If you have a website you want to promote, as long as you make ONE post about it in the appropriate section, we will not mind. But if you put it everywhere, make topics about it and bump them, send PM's or anything of the sort, you will get banned.

- Useless Quoting

Please use the post quoting feature responsibly. DO NOT quote posts right above you, especially quoting the whole post that has a photo or big text. It makes the whole page look ugly and overall makes it harder to follow.

If you want to refer to a certain line from a post, quote it and only leave that line on. If the post is right above yours, don't. Just address to that user by name and everyone will know what you mean.

You will get warned for random quotes and especially BIG quotes and you will get suspended if you keep doing it. This sounds harsh but after failed attempts of asking people nicely to stop doing it, we have to resort to this.

- Avatars and Signatures

No images are allowed in signatures. Other than that, you can use anything as long as it's not written in big, flashy, brightly colored fonts. We take pride in our slick, clean look and we hate it when sigs or avatars ugly it up. So use your common sense.

Avatars are allowed, as long as they're 150x150 max and under 150kb. They can be uploaded to our server. The same thing about decency applies to them as well, don't make them flashy or annoying.

- Only write in ENGLISH

Writing in any other language other than English is not allowed. Using any other language will get you warned and/or suspended, depending on the situation.

- No illegal links or files are allowed

There will be no links to files which represent piracy, whether it means music, movies, software or games, tv shows, etc... Requesting such files falls into the same category. There are numerous places on the net where you can find this stuff, this forum is not one of them.

- Post in the appropriate section

As you can see we have a bunch of subforums, so don't post randomly and just use the right section.

- Do a SEARCH before you post a new topic

We've been here for quite a few years, chances are someone else made a topic already about what you're about to write. Do a proper search on your subject before making a new topic. Also, please mind the sticky topics and general ones.

- Use the REPORT button

There is a "REPORT" button under each post. If you click it and submit the form, a PM will be sent to all the mods with your complaint and a link to the post. Use this if you feel anyone has done something wrong...

You can also use the REPORT button to notify us of news on the band. We can't read all posts, so if you report some news via this way it will be okay.


This rule sounds self-centered but that's because of how annoying some people are. Please refrain from saying "LOCK THIS" or "BAN HIM" or anything of the sort. If we want your opinion on the matter, we'll make you a mod. But we don't, and can do this by ourselves. We do appreciate a heads up via the REPORT button (see above) but that's it.

- No bashing on new people or LB fans

Do not bash new people and do not shoot down LB topics just because you feel like it. The forum allows certain insults and bad words but chasing new people away is not something we will put up with. Also, just because you are not into LB anymore doesn't mean that you get to call each new topic in the LB section "stupid" or "idiotic". Please stay out of the LB subforum if you can't stand talking about the band. It's that simple. Leave the others be.
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